The Keno gaming platform is actually a machine, which operates similarly to a
classic lottery ticket. The Keno Board (ticket) has 80 numbers to choose from.
The player is permitted to select anywhere between 1 and 10 numbers on the Keno
Board, per game. In each Keno game a random draw of 20 numbers takes place.
The objective of the game is to choose as many matching numbers from the draw,
or "Hits", as possible.

The Keno payoff is determined by three factors: how much is wagered per game, how many numbers are selected per game, and how many of the player’s selected numbers actually Hit.

How to Play Keno:

Select between 1 and 10 numbers by pressing on your desired choice(s) on the
Keno Board. An "X" will cover that number, indicating that it has been chosen. (To
remove a chosen number, simply press on it again), On the upper left of the Keno
Board you will see a list of your potential Hit Payouts, corresponding to the number
of matching Hits. Press on the "Bet $1", Bet $3" or "Bet $5" to choose how much
you wish to wager per game or draw. As you change the amount of your Bet per
game you will see your potential Hit Payouts change. Press "Play One", "Play Five"
or "Play Ten" to choose the number of games you wish to play automatically and in succession. This will activate the Keno Machine and you will see the draw numbers
being displayed. On the right of the Keno Board you see a list of each game that you played and the amount of Hits per game. If you press on any of the games you will
receive complete details of that game’s results. On the left of the Keno Board you
will see a calculation of the results of all the games that you played in the last round of Keno Games. To play again press "New Game". If you wish to choose the same number(s) as your last round(s) of Keno games press "Repeat Bet". Table limits