Diamon Reel Casino

Bonus : 30% bonus with credit card deposit. Up to $150 free. 40% bonus with
PayPal or NETeller deposit up to $200 free. 5% bonus every time you deposit.

This is a solid, basic casino with very few bells and whistles but, for what they do, they have
one of the best reputations on the net and we recommend that you can play with confidence.
Their software is state-of-the-art and, rather than covering a multitude of features, they have
concentrated on offering the best of what you're there to do - gambling. They strongly encourage
parents to monitor their children's online surfing habits and have voluntarily added their site to
NetNanny and SurfWatch.

DiamondReel is currently offering 29 games including five progressive slots played with downloaded
software, and games for PC/Mac users played with Java. Average Payouts over all games :
April 2002 - 95.73% , 97.78%, 97.36%, January, 2002 - 94.33%.
There are free games offered onsite.

Purchase : Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, NETeller, Western Union. It has become increasingly
difficult to use a credit card for online gaming transactions. Many banks have made the
decision to prevent credit cards holders from using their cards to make deposits for any kind
of online betting, anywhere. For this reason, DiamondReel recommends that you use either
PayPal or NETeller.

Withdraw : Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal up to amount of your original deposit. All winnings
above original deposit sent by cashier's check. This will arrive within 10 business days from the
date of your request.

Support is 24/7 by toll-free telephone or email.

Diamond REEL Casino is powered by Real time gaming.